Monday, November 21, 2011

The other half of our weekend. Super exciting.

Oh, Monday, you've arrived too quickly. Well, I guess this is the weekend update. You already know my Friday night and Saturday morning pantry experiment so I will pick up with Saturday afternoon where I did nothing. Okay, so I did stuff, but not really anything exciting. I spent a great amount of time just sitting with D while he felt miserable. (He's feeling much better now!) I put clothes away and then replaced those clothes with another stack of clothes to be washed and put away (the circle of laundry), I watched some football and some movies with the kids and got the kitchen cleaned (shiny sink and everything just so I could mess it up Sunday).

Sunday T went to help CLB work on a fence, I had a mini meltdown (apparently spilling coffee is a REALLY big deal for me), I started to make cinnamon rolls only to be thwarted by my almost empty yeast jar (this may have contributed to the mommy meltdown), watched a movie that I failed to understand (probably because I didn't see the beginning), made pizza and then went to my sister's house to plan Thanksgiving. I am baking and bringing an apple pie and cinnamon rolls and bringing various ingredients for side dishes. This means another trip to the store... preferably tonight or early tomorrow. Visiting the grocery store during Thanksgiving week is bad enough, but after Tuesday at 12pm it's just painful.

I see today is moving swiftly by (I've already been up 4 hours? How is this possible?) so I better pump myself up with some vitamins and get a movin'. I'll leave you with a picture of Rose being incredibly stylish.
fashionista in the making
Hoping Monday is kind to you (and me)


  1. Hey, spilling coffee is NO joke! I can feel your pain there ;)
    For once, I already have my Thanksgiving shopping done...this is a record for me.
    Your fasionista is very adorable!

  2. dude!!! you are sooo not kidding about the thanksgiving shopping after 12pm today... sadly, we dont get paid til TOMORROW!!! I have my punching gloves on and am trying to find my old soccer cleats so I can do some shin damage to people who wont let me cut in line. Recipe for cinnamon rolls please!!! :)