Tuesday, November 22, 2011

do not read while eating! consider yourself warned.

Hello Internet! I've been a busy little bee today and am just now getting a small break to post some words. Okay, so maybe "busy bee" isn't totally correct. I've gone grocery shopping and then to my mom's and hung out with her cause she misses me so much. I am at home (briefly) to feed the chick-chicks, start supper and throw some clothes in the wash and then am heading back to mom's to pick up the kids and also T.

I finally found pumpkin spice creamer!!!!!!! (I did need all of those exclamation points.)

I also found a very disturbing hair mask while grabbing myself some vo5 hot oil...
no, thank you.
I ran away trying not to gag. I would love to hear your comments about this. Obviously I am not ready to become a celebrity... it seems like something they would do.

Speaking of hair, I made my mom trim mine. I am not missing the frayed straw broom stick I was sporting. (It was about an inch, maybe a tad more.)

If you aren't complete grossed out, I have found a ridiculously good pumpkin scone recipe. It is here. I couldn't stop eating them. I must. make. more.

It seems like I had more to say, but I'm running short on time. Gotta go! Be back tomorrow with something... don't know what. Never do. I'm sure it'll be fascinating.


  1. dont knock the placenta treatments!!! they are hair gold... for reals yo!!! I used to get this spray and leave in placenta goop at Sally's (only used at night though because of the not so pleasant smell)and my hair ROCKED!!!! I only stopped because I live no where near a Sallys now and am too lazy (aka gas is too freaking expensive) to drive the 40 miles to track some down... pumpkin scones... mmmm

  2. Steph- you get bravery and celebrity points! and I'm making the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls (have made them several times and they are excellent!)

  3. I'm sorry, I cannot fathom putting placenta anywhere near my body. I got rid of mine thirty years ago and I don't want it back.

    Placenta of what, I wonder. Cow placenta? Pig? Kitty? Or is it like hot dogs, do they just blend all kinds of placentas together?