Wednesday, November 9, 2011

am I feverish? I have an organization bug

oh, blogger.... you fooled even me. You see, I thought I had posted 200 intriguing blog posts, but upon closer inspection I was seeing the total number that includes drafts. I have a lot of drafts. (seems like a hefty amount around 25) So, I lied, unintentionally. I have only published 175 posts (not including this one). Just in case anyone started adding them up and tried to say I was deceiving them... sorry.

Yesterday I didn't say a whole lot because I was in a frenzy of organization. (Rarely happens, but when it does it takes over.) I am happy to say that the boys' room looks wonderful (not their closet; just the room) and they are enjoying being able to locate their toys without dumping out huge masses of toys for me to curse at. (not out loud... I am still not taking the blame for wth. But I did get them to stop repeating it.) Now, I get to start Rose's room. That room has been in destroyed mode for a week now and I have piles of outgrown or out of season clothes that I have no where to put. (Holly- you are taking lots of clothes back to the desert at Thanksgiving, okay? I feel like a hoarder.) So... wish me luck. It's going to take some real dedication for me to trudge through that mess without- oh, look, I should go put those clothes away/ did I wash the breakfast dishes yet/ is that dust? I should dust or vacuum or maybe both or neither... me getting distracted.

I'm getting rid of things... or actually I'm putting things in a box that better leave my house. I went through my clothes yesterday and put all my skimpy summer things (tank tops & shorts) away and pulled out my paltry winter clothing collection. T sees me wear the same sweater/jacket thing days upon days. He must be blind because he rarely says anything about it. Maybe he's just being kind. Yes, he's being kind (and wise). I am so happy to put stuff in that box that better leave my house. Anyhow, I weeded out some clothes that never see the light of day and jeans that I wore in high school... I finally gave up trying to get my "three kids readjusted my hips" in them. It wasn't very sad because I have those new jeans now. Oh. Happy. Day.


  1. No worries. I will get those clothes out of your way, cuz my girls have no fall/winter clothes. I also just cleaned out and got rid of boxes and boxes of things, including clothes that were too small, so we are not left with much. See you guys soon!

  2. Yeah, I was fooled by my drafts, too. Feeling oh-so-productive and then *poof* reality. I hate when reality poofs.