Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Update

If you read my posts from this weekend then you already know what I did for the most part. Saturday I spent the morning feeling pathetic and whiny. T went grocery shopping and got everything on the list plus some items that he felt I might like. (creme brulee ice cream, flowers, donuts)
little treasures
I believe the kids picked out the flowers. They asked what my favorite color was (green) and I supposed picked these based on that fact. Very sweet and I really appreciated the vibrant colors! The donuts were delicious. There was a cinnamon-sugar one (one of my favorites) a coconut, pecan, butterscotch and of course chocolate and sprinkles.

My father-in-law was also out grocery shopping and sent T some sweets for me, too. A pyramid raspberry mont blanc... fancy schmancy (I don't know what it is but it's sweet!) Unfortunately, I can barely taste anything except salty things so, the ice cream was cold but I could taste hints of sweet sugary goodness, the donuts I could taste (maybe cause they weren't cold?) and the raspberry I could almost taste. So I am saving it until I regain my sense of smell and taste.

The rest of Saturday we ate pizza and watched some football. I started feeling a lot better which was really nice.

Sunday I woke up painfully early because I was coughing. So I was able to spend about thirty minutes just browsing around the Internet world with a cup of coffee. I wasn't feeling ultra good but it was still nice. Then everyone else got up and T took the boys to check on some things around the place and I ended up taking Rose to town to get some feed and eye patches. (yep, still doing eye therapy and it's going good.) I don't know if I'm not supposed to take zyrtec with coffee but I got really woozy both Saturday and Sunday when I did. So, I'm going to avoid doing that again. It was weird.

Sunday was good to me. We went for a walk and although it made feel physically bad because I was right in the middle of a bunch of weeds setting off my allergies I really enjoyed being out with my family. T and I talked about our future house and I'm pinning away ideas. Sunday seemed like a really long day (probably because I woke up so early). I made some soup I'd been craving for supper. We all loved it and I don't have any leftover for lunch today. After we put the kids to bed T and I played dominoes and watched Sunday night football. I won. Then I went to bed. The end.

Only, it's not. Now Rose is sporting a faucet nose and cranky.... it's probably going to be a long day. Thankfully I know how she feels and am being very sympathetic and compassionate.  I might do the minimal as far as housework. Cuddling is a far bigger priority than laundry today.  (and it always should be...)


  1. I hope you're feeling better, lady. Rose, too.

    Caffeine and allergy meds are a bad combo, especially if you are sensitive to medication/have a great metabolism. It's like taking double uppers.

  2. I love that cuddling is priority #1. You're a great mama!

  3. First off, you really made me hungry for donuts ;)
    Second, I hope you guys are feeling better soon!
    Third, cuddling over laundry is awesome.