Tuesday, November 29, 2011

prehistoric black friday: chapter 2

If you noticed in yesterday's post the museum was not very busy. We happened to get there an hour after it opened and were pleasantly surprised by the lack of people. We were about 3/4 of the way through the exhibits when we started actually having to walk around people or say "excuse me". There was a moment when Ry started walking away with another family.... um, sorry kid, you're stuck with us. 
Now, let us get back to my mahr-va-lous pictures.

 See that gigantic skeleton there? (above these words) That, my friends, is the Mosasaur. (That's what we were looking at outside and sitting on it's vertebrae.) This is why I don't swim. I mean, I know it's extinct...
Here was another slightly smaller, not less scary creature. Look at the teeth. 

I failed to get a picture of the enormous armadillo. I'm sorry, I know you wanted to see it. I just took pictures of the kids reactions to things.

 above is an ancient zebra.  below is a giant tusk from something.

 above: Rose giving a very scientific explanation about skeletal structure. Below: D and the giant sea turtle

 above: the kids go fishing  
below: big fish

Last pictures of this post are from the wildlife exhibit.

Mountain lions bring up a lot of emotions. Mostly bad ones.

Tomorrow: Pictures of the family on the University of Texas campus. 

Have a lovely Tuesday!

for more on this trip see chapter one and chapter three

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  1. So sweet! Some great photographs of those amazing kiddos.