Saturday, November 26, 2011


We woke up early (as usual), got dressed and headed to my sister's house for cinnamon rolls (I made) and to prepare all the delicious sides: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, Oma's cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, rolls, gravy and all the little extras. Everything was delicious.

I got to dote on T.J. while my sister took a break for a shower before everyone showed up.
getting my baby fix
T was extremely helpful in keeping the kiddos occupied. They ran around outside playing "prisoner escape" and then came inside and settled down for some Dr. Seuss reading.

There was a lot of "let's take some pictures" after lunch. Always fun!

We headed over to see T's parents and watch some Texas football. His family had eaten earlier so we had the leftovers. Not a bad thing at all. His dad makes one heck of a good turkey! As for the game... It came down to the very last play (Justin Tucker's winning field goal!!). We all sang "and it's goodbye to a&m" when it was over. Best of luck in the SEC, aggies (you're going to need it).

Friday we started a new tradition, but more on that later. (as it involves a hundred pictures and really deserves a part I & II type post.) Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.

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  1. Can't wait for the two-parter!

    Sorry I bailed early on Thanksgiving. I enjoy seeing the five of you even if it seems like I'm never around. All of you make me smile for a variety of wonderful reasons. Love you guys!