Tuesday, November 1, 2011

our candy stash has been revived

 the Triple Threat trick-or-treaters  
The Princess... brings the AWE factor
Iron Man... intimidated the candy passer outers thus getting double amounts of candy
Captain America lead the way and charmed the girls with his good looks
Our royal princess was protected well by the super hero duo. One of the last houses we stopped at had a inflatable tent and ghosts hanging from the trees. After closer inspection I noticed two grown men dressed as chainsaw murderers (I guess our kids were too young to chase because they just stood there and adjusted their masks) while an eight year old stood about two inches from The Princess trying to scare her with a scary dying bird sound machine thing... The kids were not impressed at all. They collected their candy and just kept walking.

They had a great time and after about an hour of walking around they decided they had enough candy and were ready to go home and eat some. We got home about 30 minutes before bedtime and let them indulge in a few things while I searched through their candy for skittles. None. I was a little disappointed. We did get a mini microwave bag of popcorn (that was pretty cool/different) and, of course, the very sought after reese's pieces. If you need me I'll be in the kitchen sneaking candy.

Halloween 2011


  1. dudette, I was also sorting through the candy stash last night and was appalled to see ONLY CHOCOLATE!!!! normally this is not the case, but this pregnancy if you arent skittles, laffy taffy or dots I want NOTHING to do with you. I might have to go scour stores today for awesome sales on industrial sized bags of stabursts and twizzlers.

  2. No Skittles? Too bad!
    Love their costumes :)