Friday, November 18, 2011

The Week In Pictures

Taken Tuesday after we had some rain and were feeding the chickens.

I finally found Corduroy as a board book and the kids love it. I love that they can't rip the pages.

These were from a couple of weeks ago, but I see it everyday.

Ry was in a really silly mood Wednesday at his appointment. He couldn't stop moving.

I didn't want to go on rambling about my boring trip to the grocery store this morning, hence the photos.  Unrelated to the above pictures I need some advice:
  • what is a good home remedy for a deep conditioning hair treatment?
  • how do I get a child I know to stop whining?
  • other than the obvious (nudity) how do I stop all this laundry from accumulating? I wash laundry every stinkin' day. It's tiresome. 
  • I think I've been half asleep all week.
I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! G'bye for now.

1 comment:

  1. Please friend, let me know if you get those answers! And, on the last... I feel ya! Cute pics! Thanks for always sharing.