Wednesday, November 2, 2011

super quick

before I get bogged down with enchilada making, laundry washing and trying to tidy up our many messes...

Today the boys and I went to the city to visit the eye doc and make sure D's frames were the correct size. They were and now they can order the lenses... yea!

After that I took them to Target where I let the D pick out some new shirts (birthday present) and then we.... wait for it....

went to Toys R Us. Yes.. I may need some counseling after that poorish decision with TWO boys in tow. Luckily we did find a doodle pad thing that I wanted to get, two gross bug things and a new set of dominoes for Beard-O and I.

I have to run out the door again. More in depth posts coming. Prob tomorrow. adios for now.

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