Friday, November 4, 2011

Baking is fun, decorating- not so much

ah, Friday... the day so many people look forward to each Monday. This Friday I get to bake a cake (for D's party tomorrow), wrap or bag his gifts and try to decorate his cake in a construction theme (should be fun for my non-crafty self). I have great ideas but can't always execute them... Let's look at his birthday cake from two years ago, shall we?
edited to protect his identity
Okay, it doesn't look that bad and he was so excited about it that I felt really proud of myself. However, he was three... For his first birthday I made him a farm cake that actually split in half so it looked like there had been a recent earthquake on that farm (the plastic animals kept falling over, too). His second birthday I made a two layer chocolate cake and it was just fine. (those pictures are somewhere but not accessible to me right now) Last year I bought him a Thomas the train cake and I was disappointed in the craftsmanship the bakery did so I decided to save my $20 this year and make it myself. I will totally post some pictures of it (even if it turns out to be a construction zone gone bad).

I also had to call Toys R Us yesterday to see if they had something in stock. Their hold music was Christmas themed (don't get me started) and then they had the other song about not wanting to grow up... their theme song? I held the phone about three feet away from my head while D and I listened to it. The good news is that the employee that answered was friendly and helpful telling me that yes, they did have four of the toy in stock and it was on sale. Now I have to figure out a way to get back to the city and hope they still have one there for me to bring home. I can see the disappointment all over the soon to be five year old's face if it's not there. I will hear it forever, too. He doesn't forget anything; it's scary.

Well, it looks like I have 73 extra things to do and at least half of them involve ridiculous research on the Internet... I better hit publish and move on.

p.s. D is bouncing off the walls for some unknown reason... I think he's performing a psychological test on his mother. I hope I pass.


  1. Ooo. Ethan has always had that eerie memory thing, too. It can suck.
    However, one Christmas he remembered a super-obscure reference I made to a movie I loved/could never find and I almost cried when I opened the present. So it can turn-out really sweet. Still eerie, but sweet.

  2. I think the kids love their homemade cakes even if they don't turn out "professional looking". I make my kids' cakes every year too, and they get to pick their theme, I think THAT'S what they'll least I hope so :)