Thursday, November 3, 2011

of mice and boys

Yesterday right before I was going to walk out the door for my excursion to the city I decided I needed to try to locate an item that really felt like I had, but I think I gave it to my friend Holly... anyhow, I had another run in with "the mouse". The one that I danced with in the hallway. I have repeatedly tried to give *her* (that's right, I know it's a her) the eviction notice and she's been stealthily avoiding contact with my "messengers". So, I opened up a drawer hoping to find this item and she (the mouse) peeked up at me and of course, in true girl fashion, I screamed. Wait, did I just write screamed? I totally meant, I broke out into a musical number and did the shuffle out of the room. Even more girly. I just can't win here. In short... I cleared out some (already empty) drawers and sent out some more "messengers". I know mice are just part of living in the country, but it doesn't mean I like it. AT ALL. (btw, messengers are traps. In case you thought I was actually hiring bike messengers to negotiate a deal. Also I meant I don't have to like mice. I love living out here.)

I can't believe I'm telling you about my run in with a mouse. So sorry, it's obvious that nothing too exciting is happening right now.

My trip to the city was really nice. Usually I avoid the city at all costs, but I've been needing a change of scenery and it turned out to be a mommy and the boys day out. I only heard minimal whining (mostly contained in the driving apparatus and not in public) and we cruised through Target and Toys R Us without incident. Well, I did get asked twice if I needed any help (by the same employee) at TRU and both times I said "no, we're just looking" to which he replied the second time with "yeah, I know I already asked you that but you look a little lost" What?!? Why can't I walk around and browse for a while? (btw, my reply, to his back, was turning red in the face and a slack jaw)
To complete our trip I let the boys pick out a small toy...
which turned out to be a large cricket and beetle. they look and feel gross.

I can't wait until I forget about them while I sort through their toys one day. What a joyous surprise that will be. (I have to admit, it made me grin when my mom, sister and Beard-O proclaimed how gross these toys were... boys can be so much fun!)

This morning it was a little chilly and so what did I do? Make biscuits and sausage gravy. I also fried up some eggs to complete the breakfast spectacular. Yes, on a Thursday. Go ahead and be jealous. (I may have utilized a box that starts with bis and ends with quick. It was delicious.)

and.... lastly I will be attempting to make this in the pumpkin version (if they don't have any of the stuff at the store... as I would have to go to the store anyhow to get heavy cream to make it) it's a lose-lose situation right now.

(update on my purging of stuff: I got rid of a huge bag of clothes and sent them to my sister for TJ and I sent our baby swing to my mom because she is babysitting the little guy. yea!!! getting rid of stuff!)


  1. Awesome gross bugs! Love them!
    P.S. I use Bisquick ALL the time :)

  2. Love the title.
    We've caught three mice in our messengers already (and a boatload of scorpions on the sticky traps). Here's hoping the good luck travels to your place.