Monday, October 31, 2011

Post Weekend Words

I guess since it's Monday I'll talk about things that happened this weekend. Saturday morning Beard-O fixed something on the Jeep (an accident waiting to happen) and we were able to drive to my in-law's house to celebrate his mom's birthday. The customary Chinese food was ordered and in true fashion for this family almost all the orders were wrong (except mine and birthday girl's). I was fine, which is what mattered. (haha! joking!) Anyhow, it was fun and we had a good time.

While we were there Rose spilled milk all over me and since I don't carry an extra set of clothes with me Beard-O took off to the store where he hunted down the longest jeans possible and brought me back TWO pair. (They were buy one get one-LEVIS on sale) So... I'm two pairs of jeans richer. (He should shop for me more often.) I never would have bought them for myself because they were more than $15 (but, thanks to the sale that's practically what they came out to be) so it was a blessing in disguise. Especially because I only had two pairs of jeans (for the past 3 1/2 years) and one is tight and the other is getting worn pretty thin. What else would like to know about my wardrobe? Nothing, that's what I thought.

That evening I had the pleasure of dancing with a mouse in our hallway next to the bathroom. There was a lot of me tiptoe dancing while screaming while raising my hands in the air... Not girly or stereotypical at all.

Sunday we went to town and got some chicken feed. I cut D's hair. I did about 6 loads of laundry that I need to put away today. I also made pizza. It doesn't sound like we didn't much yesterday.

This week I'm taking D to get his glasses fitted, planning his birthday party and making really big decisions regarding making or buying a cake and what gifts to get him.

I'm going to start a loooonnnggg process of going through my closet, kitchen, junk drawers  cabinet (yes, an entire cabinet) and paring my belongings down. I have been overwhelmed by all the "stuff" that is cluttering our house and it's about time I got busy doing something about it. I know I'll have to take it one teeny-tiny step at a time due to my ability to become paralyzed with the "give it away, keep, or throw it out" questions. Some encouragement in the comment section would really be appreciated. Do you do this kind of thing yearly or seasonally? Never? Have some advice for me? Do you think I'm off my rocker? wait, don't answer that last one. But, really: Tell me! I want to know!!

Have a great Monday and Happy Halloween!


  1. first off... i need to encourage my child to make more messes on my ONE pair of jeans so I can get myself some new duds too.
    second... when "dancing" with a mouse I prefer to think of it as jazz handing and singing not screaming and waving hands around in the much lamer stereotypical girly way.
    third.... you will feel SOOOOOO good after you clean out your junk. I had to do it a couple years ago when we downsized from a 2500 sqft house to a 900 one... I finally just realized if it was boxed up or if I hadnt used it in the last year IT HAD TO GO. Now I do it every year.. usually around lent. I participate in this 40 days 40 bags thing where every day during lent you fill up a bag of stuff you dont use or need and give it away to charity. GOOD LUCK though, I know its hard to convince yourself you dont "need" or could potentially really need the stuff you have accumulated over the years

  2. 1. beard-o and Simon need to get together...2 pair of pants!??!!? AND he found them on sale?? jealous and jealouser.

    2. It stresses me out just reading about decluttering/dejunking....I tend to just throw away as I find....which is why I basically fail at housewifery and preserving any sort of memories :)

  3. I have the opposite problem that Grace has- I like to send EVERYTHING to Goodwill, even stuff that my husband assures me nobody wants. I'm allergic to throwing stuff away!