Thursday, October 27, 2011

pictures (sans clever title)

Last night we celebrated my brother's birthday. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to bake some cookies and give some to him for his present.... didn't go like I planned. I halved my recipe (no biggie) and substituted butter for shortening... apparently this is where it went um, flat. I think I should have chilled the dough before plopping the cookies on pans and shoving them in the oven. Were they tasty? Yes. Did they look good? Nah. See for yourself.
I was so happy to be baking but this kind of ruined it. How do I mess up cookies?

I didn't box them up and gift them. I just went and ate tacos and let my presence be my present. I didn't even have a card (I am such a thoughtful sister).

Then there was the free entertainment provided by the children
Rose practically tackling D cause she needed a lift
Ry was oblivious to his siblings' shenanigans and watched Toy Story 3
Opa, my sis, D & T.J
Beard-O (playing the role of uncle) and T.J
I know I'm editing pics!! I like the sketch effect on free photoshop.... maybe too much?

Well, I took uno photo of my bro and it's not exactly flattering so I will be a good sis and not embarrass him. (I don't think he even knows I have a blog so I could very probably, almost, maybe get away with it if I did.)

I'm off to the grocery store now. Three people are about to have some serious words with me because they are out of juice, yogurt and cheese sticks... Please let them have pumpkin pie spice creamer for me; it's like a little reward if they do. I am hoping that my early morning trip will prevent the little ones from doing a repeat of last week. I did not appreciate them mocking me in the produce section. (I'm being a smart(ish) lady and taking a ziploc of animal crackers with me... will they stop a potential meltdown? We shall see. we.shall. see.)


  1. Haha!! First, I love editing photos...I'm addicted.
    Second, I've SO had that happen to cookies before, I'm sure your brother was very understanding...maybe next year you can get him 2 cards?
    Third, good idea about going to the store early...seems to work the best for me too :)

  2. I have a gadget on my google homepage and it usually updates every time you post an entry, but it decided to stop at the "Two Birthdays" entry. I kept getting on the computer and waiting for a new post, wondering what could possibly be keeping you so busy. It's not like you have three children or anything.
    I finally checked the source and realized my google gadget (which sounds kinda dirty, so I like it) is messed up. I also realized I am addicted to your blog. No pressure, but you can never stop.