Friday, October 14, 2011

A Friday Short

The kids had some crazy energy a few nights ago (really no different than any other night) so we went for a walk. It is finally bearable temperatures out (highs in the 80s) so an early evening trek seemed like a good idea.

Our 45 minute uphill/downhill walk did not tire the children. I ended up carrying Rose the last 25 minutes so when I made it in the house I collapsed while the children continued climbing up the walls. Don't worry, after two years living here I still have nothing hanging on the walls, so they were in no harm.

We saw a lot of these rain lilies on our walk. (They are called that because they always appear after it rains.) I am also amazed at the grass that suddenly grew (overnight) in our front yard. All it needed was a nice drink of rain.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We have some plans for doing some stuff. (our plans don't like us talking about them... they are really shy) Maybe you'll hear about them on Monday if they are nice and cooperate.

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  1. This is inspiring me to write an entry for my blog. I'm going to mention that and link your page. Plus, you can tell me if the flowers that sprouted under the tree in front are rain lilies. I have no idea what's popping out of the ground over here.