Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I feel like I've crashed. After a sugar high, of course

It's nap time. I am feeling fairly exhausted from our marathon grocery shopping this morning and my house is a mess but I figured I'd just sit down for a minute and throw something together for this blog while it's somewhat quiet.

While we were at the store I tried to find some Halloween costumes for the kids but they didn't have anything in their sizes that I liked. (what about what they like? They don't know what they like. They change their minds every 23 seconds about what they want to be.) I think I'm just going to order their costumes online. Either that or just buy them on one of those rare occasions when I'm out by myself. It'll be an awesome surprise for them! (where are the best places to shop for that?)

I think I'm going to make an apple pie. I got a big bag of organic apples (it was $4) and a couple of them have bruises so I'd rather bake with those. Anyone know of a good recipe? Care to share? I have the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream to go with it. (I totally used a coupon on that, too!)

And could someone please explain why I am craving a corn dog? I am usually disgusted by them... Wait, I think it's because there was a special on TV about the Texas State Fair and they were invented there. I'll just have to get over that.

I really don't have much to say and I don't want to talk about all the dirt on the floor that I should be sweeping up or that I trimmed my hair and I think it's uneven...  I'm just going to go eat some chocolate granola and be back tomorrow with probably anything that is more fascinating than this dribble. 

(This has been a really wonderful Tuesday I'm just having troubles keeping my eyes open and focusing.... might need some more coffee to make it through the afternoon.)

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  1. Hahaha!! First, I trim my hair in between my normal cuts all the time...it's always uneven. Second, I'm not a fan of corndogs, either. Third, I find your dribble fascinating ;)