Thursday, October 13, 2011

children, books, my hair situation

I have several tidbits to share with you today. Some may involve pictures. (I know I am in picture overdrive this week, lucky you!)

The boys finalized their Halloween costume choices this morning. (thank you Internet for not making me drag two indecisive little boys down the Halloween aisle... again.)  Rose's costume still remains a mystery. D-man wants her to be a lady bug or princess. Ry thinks she should wear a tutu, be spider-girl or some sort of insect as well. They are requesting that I dress up as something other than Mama (no real suggestions, though) and that Daddy could be Batman or Spiderman. (Personally, I think we'll go as the parents of super-hero, animated movie star, insect/princess... apparently we have some wildly diverse genes floating in our pool.)

I have two book suggestions for yo-ou! (this is really bringing back Reading Rainbow memories)

Have you ever had the kind of day where your children didn't listen or consider the consequences of their behavior and the toll it would take on you? Do you want to tell them NO! over and over without doing mental math on how much you need to save for future therapy sessions? I've got a book for you:
No, David! by David Shannon
This book was my preschool class's favorite to listen to and my favorite to read. My kids also love it. Reasons I like it- I get to sort of shout while reading and I don't have mom guilt afterwards. The name David can easily be changed to whatever your child's name is.
Reasons the kids like it- (speaking for them here) They think it's funny, they can totally identify with David, when mommy shouts No! while reading this book she's funny and not scary.

Book numero dos: Does your child frequently make messes for you to clean up? Is she/he fussy and sometimes inconsolable? Does your child need help in almost every aspect of their young life and reassurance that mommy loves them?
Who Loves the Little Lamb? by Lezlie Evans Illustrated by David McPhail
Ah... I bought this book for Rose's first birthday. I had never read it or seen it but it had good reviews. I'm so happy with this book. It pretty much sums up the "I'll love you no matter what" feeling we have as parents. Very cute illustrations and I love how it is an easy read and gets a wonderful point across. This is a "snuggle up and read to me" book.

I asked a long time ago whether I should get bangs if I ever got my hair cut. Apparently my hair has decided this for me.
my hair does that all by itself. pretty awesome
(Yes, I know I have some freaking awesome hair. I bet it would take you hours to get hair to stick straight out of your head like that.) I'm thinking that after Rose was born and all my hair starting falling out- it all fell out right there in the front. Now it's growing back and I have bangs. Really!?! (with seth and amy) Really, hair? I mean, great, you're back!! But, really? This means I probably had a bald spot there and NEVER noticed! Really?! Never noticed that bald spot. It must have been all the other hair sticking straight up that diverted my attention. I mean, I have to give you some credit for that. But, really?! Now I'm stuck growing out bangs I didn't even know I had! Thanks a lot, hair. Really!?!

Ending on that high note... go have a super dandy kind of day.

(stole that line from my fantastic, wonderful, awesome husband. You are super dandy. I like you, I think I'll give you a nickname.)


  1. Pullin' out the Slackers quotes. Good times.

    I have a bald spot but not naturally occurring bangs. That's pretty special.

    I wish I would get bald spots on my legs. That would save me a lot of time. (And that fulfills my over-share quota for today.)

  2. Hahaha!! That part about the hair cracked me up. And those David books? LOVE them! All of them, my kids love them too :)