Thursday, October 6, 2011

bottomless pits, picky readers & an extra special treat

How is it that my children are so hungry? To the point where they have eaten the following and it's only 11am. Yogurt, two mini pumpkin muffins, pb&j "sammiches", ritz crackers with cream cheese and several cups of beverage. Each. (That's x3) The youngest is currently eating leftover pasta from last night. (although I am also eating lunch now, too.) So, is this normal? Seriously, I can not go to the kitchen without them eventually noticing I'm there and they become ravenous vultures. It's so strange. I rarely eat anything without having to share it. Unless it's anything green, soupy or just "looks gross". (Hmm... maybe I should start adding green food dye to anything I eat.) I bet the grocery store loves me. 

I loved the comments/support on yesterdays post Stop. It made me feel so much better that I wasn't the only one having that issue. I currently have my laundry sorted through and waiting patiently to be put away and I took advantage of a little lady's mid morning fussiness to wash up the dishes. I read her two books at least seven times each. And clearly, by the looks of the book shelf, they know we have more than TWO books. 
My mother would be so impressed
Am I right? And will it stop me from buying them books even though they will continue bringing the Thomas book to me? No. No, it won't. In fact I already have a list of books I want to get them for their birthdays and Christmas. (last year I got D a book for his birthday and when he opened it he was visibly disappointed. He also said, "oh, great, a book" in such a sarcastic tone that everyone laughed. It won't stop me.)

Yesterday I was looking for our old infant car seat (for someone else who wanted the base) and look what I saw when I opened the door to one of the storage rooms...
If you aren't sure what you should be seeing it's hanging from the rafter there. What is that? Oh, just a snake skin. Hanging from the rafter. It is huge. I was about to tell Beard-O last night and before I could even finish my sentence he said, "Oh, did you see that snake skin?" What the... Apparently it's been there for a while. Ugh... total body cringe. Now I get to wonder where the snake went.

Not much else going on here. I shall see you tomorrow... same place maybe not the same time.

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  1. Oh gross-to the snake skin!! That thing is huge!!! And the eating thing? YES!!! My kids too...we will go broke feeding them ;)