Monday, October 10, 2011

Rain is proof that the drought is making me crazy

I made chili and then it rained on Sunday. (those things are not dependent on each other but the chili was really good.) Beard-O and I found ourselves awake at 6am on Sunday (ah!) and at the same time said That's hail. The hail also woke up the boys and sent them to my bed. Beard-O kindly let them crawl in and then got up and told me he would sleep on the couch so I'd be more comfortable. It was very kind of him. Leaving me smushed between them and "comfortable" while fighting for my own pillow. I digress.

It rained!!! We got a whopping half inch! We asked the boys if they wanted to go play in the rain and splash in the puddles and they were cool with that idea until they opened the door and realized it was actually still raining and they might get wet. So I put some jackets on them and with a little push and shove they were outside. They were a little hesitant at first but eventually decided that it was fun out there (it hasn't rained in forever... they were freaked out) and started running around.
You probably can't really tell, but that is one of the muddiest spots in the yard. I wasn't even worried about that until I couldn't tell the boys apart when I looked out the window because they were both covered in mud. Head to toe. Literally. (please see following photographic evidence that also reveals Mama is a tad bit loosing her mind by allowing and ENcouraging this to take place)
exhibit a: Ry. (note the entire left side of face)
exhibit b: D&Ry trying to come inside
exhibit c: I forgot we'd have to Clean them up after they went mudding
exhitbit d: excited to be told yes, he did have mud on his teeth
So, today I'm washing some muddy clothes. I actually wish I had one of those old time wash boards because there is no way I'm putting those clothes in my washing machine. They had a really good time out there and how often do I let them get that dirty? Almost never... usually that sort of thing happens when I'm not home and Daddy is in charge. Either I'm relaxing a bit or obviously the drought has impacted my mind because I was just so happy that there was mud to play in and I told those boys to please just go play in the mud! It's so fun, you'll love it! And I laughed about it. (although when I was bathing them Beard-O took over because they were trying to touch the walls. I can't have that. Also, he is way better with bath time than I am.)

I still don't like mud on me so I'll be donning a haz-mat suit while pre washing their clothes outside with the water hose. Or I'll just tell everyone to buy them clothes for Christmas. Sort of kidding. (they are growing really fast, though, so not entirely a bad idea.)

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