Monday, October 10, 2011

Pizza Sundays

We have pizza every Sunday. Well, almost. It's very rare we don't have it on Sunday, but if not then I make it during the week. I am 99% sure you could figure out how to make pizza yourself but since I talk about it a lot I decided to just go ahead and post it. (it's super fancy)

     1. Make The Pioneer Woman's pizza dough about an hour before you want to eat. *I usually use canola oil* (I have used several different dough recipes and this one is really good, easy and makes enough for two 13in pizzas. which is enough for my very hungry family)

     2. When the dough has risen divide it up (make individual pizzas or divide for two pizzas), spread it over your pan(s) as thick or thin as you want. (I like mine right in the middle; pizza joints probably refer to it as "hand tossed") and preheat oven to 450 degrees (F)

     3. Open some tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes and spread over dough. (or a jar of pizza sauce if you're into that) Season with garlic powder, fresh or dried basil, salt, pepper. (you could blend it together if you have whole tomatoes)
    this particular day I had no fresh basil although I do prefer it
     4. Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella or use fresh mozzarella (oh so good!) if you are feeling fancy and it's available. 
fresh mozzarella is really good. again, use what you have.

     5. Now, is where we choose our toppings. I love peppers and jalapenos. When I don't have them I'm sad. So, I keep frozen fajita veggies in the freezer. Add whatever you want but I go with seasoned ground beef, pepperoni and the peppers. Sometimes black olives and Canadian bacon or diced ham.

     6. Put that pizza in the oven for 10-12 minutes depending on how thick your crust is, how many toppings you have.
     7. Open oven and be amazed and what you have created.
  and enjoy every bite!


  1. That looks like some serious pizza restaurant pizza, girl! Awesome.

  2. this looks awesome...even though I know how much that sauce would burn my heart right now I still want to lick my screen!!!