Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Look-ey Look-ey, a Two Post Kind of Day

I made some more pumpkin muffins this morning. Mainly for me because I was starving. I cannot, in fact, live on coffee alone. I know, it's a sad revelation.
yes, those are Buzz Lightyear paper cup things
After I made those muffins I baked some fish sticks. Because fish sticks gross me out and I still eat them anyhow. It's one of those things you do as a mom. After I choked them down I went out and fed the flock of chickens. Saw all cows, calves and horses. Even took a picture.

Filled up water for all the wonderful farm creatures and then went up to the barn. Apparently Beard-O saw a black kitten in there um... two weeks ago and I wanted to investigate.
Of course my loyal companion, Lorie, tagged along as well. She found a spot where something has dug out a little hole to get under the barn. I didn't see anything. Not even a cat. I really wanted to see that cat. Instead I just took a picture of a tractor.

And another picture of Lorie looking at me and wondering exactly what it was that I was doing.

Oh, yes, yesterday another fire broke out in Bastrop county... went from 2 acres to 1000 in three/four hours. Thankfully, the winds have not been strong and it's at 50% containment now. Scary seeing smoke from our deck. I really wish it would rain.
(**updated to add: officials are now saying it is only 315 acres***)
this is actually the view from our hay field

And an update on the children I'm raising. (because ending this on 'another fire' would just be wrong)

The kids have been coloring and drawing Halloween pictures. D can now write his name... some of the letters are upside down and occasionally it's written backwards, but it's pretty cool. (also, that's normal.) The boys are really excited about their costumes (which have not been purchased and I'm not crafty/skilled enough to make one) and keep changing their minds on what they will be. As long as I don't wait until the day before Halloween to get their costumes we'll be fine. (yes, last year was a mess and I did wait until the day before. Never. Again.) We are always learning valuable lessons around here.

Have splendid Wednesday! I'm going to eat some more muffins and pretend I don't see that mess over there.


  1. I was already wanting to make some of your pumpkin muffins, but looking at the picture I've decided to be quick about it. Looks too good to wait.
    Gosh, seeing pillars of smoke gives me an entirely new feeling these days. I'm sure everyone in Bastrop County can say the same.

  2. I think the muffin picture is awesome; not just the muffin because I would LOVE to make some myself and dig in (however the next 30 days or so I have committed myself to a diet which allows no sugar) but also I just think the picture itself is pretty cool. And one other note, I too still like fish sticks on occasion and have found tilapia filet fish sticks that are amazing; no more minced formed sticks with more batter than fish. if you haven't tried them already you should, at least once.