Monday, October 17, 2011

our weekend (duck edition)

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Saturday night my sister and brother in law came over to watch football and the Texas Rangers win (we're going to the world series!). We didn't go to bed until midnight thirty (which is waaaayyy past my bedtime) so waking up Sunday was quite a feat. We got up and I made waffles, ran to the post office and collected our mail and then we headed out for a little trip to town. Our first stop was the WalMart where we found Halloween costumes for the boys. I got Rose a pink tutu looking skirt (still kind of winging it with her costume). We stopped at Sonic to get some lunch and they messed up my order so instead of a burger I got a breakfast burrito. (I made Beard-O eat it and I had a healthy sized order of onion rings... yum.) We took our botched order to the park and had a little picnic before the kids took off to the slides. Surprisingly there were two other families there. I say surprisingly because usually we are the only people there besides maybe an older couple walking or teenagers at the basketball court. It was fun watching the boys interact with the other kids. There was a little girl about Rose's age that played with her for about 30 seconds... cute while it lasted. Then we had to go see the ducks. And this is where I let the pictures speak.
D guiding the ducks to the pond
ducks. (this caption is unnecessary)
I should really work on my posture more.
Mr. Nubbers. He has but one leg/flipper and was "oh poor thing" to all the females at the park. He was totally okay with it.
ducks are hilarious
probably because of this. (duck butts)
That's all the pictures I have time to upload because I have to take a shower and get three kids dressed, myself dressed, drop two kids off at grandma's and then drive an hour away to take my first born to his first eye exam. I have one hour (to leave). Go!

(p.s. I'll update on the eye exam tomorrow. Wish us luck!)


  1. Duck butts!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! Love it :)

  2. Ha! Love this!! Nice pics of the duck butts ;) That would totally crack my kids up too!