Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday randomness

My disappointment in the grocery store for not rewarding me with pumpkin pie spice creamer (for my coffee) is in the high level. My disappointment in the Rangers' pitching is in the medium/high level. I felt like we had the game won several times and then we WALK the bases loaded?!?! Of course this was after I told Beard-O that they were my team. (I didn't really watch baseball growing up so I just cheered for the Astros and Rangers) Anyhow, my decision was based (haha, based) on the fact that there is no city in their name, the history of Texas Rangers in my husband's family (and mine had a run in with them), and that it would be what Beard-O's grandpa would have wanted. So... yeah. I also like their colors because they represent the Texas flag. (cough, cough... I'm a girl and also a Texan, first and foremost- represent.) Anyhow, we are headed to game seven*. Mike Napoli= awesome. (what an ath-a-lete)

Alrighty, moving right along... I plan on making stew tonight (last time I made it I got some mighty fine compliments) thus it must be recreated. I most certainly am making cookies (I'm climbing back on that horse) and they will be ranger cookies or cowboy cookies or a mix/mash up of the two. I am on cup #2 of coffee flavored with cocoa, which explains why I am so chipper this morning. I feel like I could handle almost anything life, or the kids, throw at me today. (mainly the kids though, Rose cannon-balled a piece of bread at me a few days ago... I was just so happy it wasn't anything heavier or sharper) Are you bored with me, yet?

wow, look, horses
I'm on Pinterest now. Oh my goodness... I thought everyone on there was just following along with a trendy thing, but it. is. wonderful. Instead of filling up my bookmarks with an insane amount of kitchen ideas, bedroom ideas, wow! that is awesome stuff... I pin it, organize it and love it. Yes, I am riding the pinterest train and I am having a blast.
helping in the kitchen; having a blast
The kids are up. I better start doing something around here besides drink an unhealthy amount of cocoa/coffee and panic about someones 5th birthday that is a week away. I have zero presents and no party plans (yet). If anyone wants to shout out some ideas I wouldn't mind at all.

the soon to be five year old
Have a happy Friday!!!

*we aren't "heading" anywhere. just in case you were curious. I meant the Rangers.
p.s. my mom just called to talk about the game last night. ohmygosh, y'all. there's a first time for everything.

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