Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Weekend

Okay, third time is a charm, right? I started two posts already and ended up jumping up and down on my soap box with each one on completely different subjects... It's Monday and I don't want to start out the week like that. I'll go ahead a let you know that we had a nice weekend. Got some shopping done- stuff we needed like milk, high mileage vehicle oil, chicken feed and something we could live without: got new speakers for the computer (because it is really annoying having only one speaker work- yes it's a first world problem, I am highly aware and very grateful).

Saturday we watched football and then went over to my Opa's house and watched game 3 of the World Series... don't want to talk about it, but it was not good for my Rangers. Then on Sunday we watched pro football and the Rangers WIN game four (it's now tied up) and I made pizza, of course. Beard-O and I spent some time talking and planning our future home. We have ideas. I think if you know us then you're aware of what that means. Plan accordingly.

We carved a pumpkin! D was really into it, unlike Ry who retreated to his room when we started throwing pumpkin guts at each other. He came back when we promised to not get any on him. Rose was very hesitant (unlike last year when I couldn't get her out of the pumpkin mess).
She finally joined in and grabbed some "goo" out of the pumpkin. I was going to roast the seeds like I did last year but sort of "forgot" about them. Ha. ha.

I am currently "window shopping" online for Christmas gifts (62 days) and birthday presents for a soon to be five year old. He wants a crane, robot, John Deere tractor (possibly a real one? yeah, sure) a four wheeler (power wheels Jeep)... Uh huh, I'll be sure to pick those all up this week and I'll even get them gift wrapped. The crane I can do. The rest... someone help me out. Personally, I want to get him a Lego set. Which brings me to this tiny little thing...

I just consolidated all of the boys' toys to one basket this morning. I went through them and picked the toys that I see them playing with on a daily basis and the rest got put away. If they ask for something that's missing I'll be willing to let them have it, but after a week the toys they didn't remember will be given away. I feel this is fair because D is about to get more toys for his birthday and Christmas is right around the corner. After collecting toys for five years it's time to sort through them. Feel free to share your opinion on this!

That should do it for today. I really need to put some clothes away at some point today. Right now would be a good time to start.

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