Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Sylish (and didn't even know!)

I was just reading up on the blogs I follow and Steph got an award for being a Stylish Blogger. Very cool. And guess what you guys? She awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award, too!! I'm pretty much famous now. (Steph is awesome and I really recommend you go visit her blog.)

Now, the rules of accepting this award are that I have to reveal seven things that you didn't know about me. I don't know if you'll be able to handle it, honestly. (I'm doing this right away, because I'm afraid my blog was in a mix up... we all know I lack style.)

When I started this blog I was super afraid/paranoid that if I used my first name that some creepy predator would find me and murder me. (Yes, I have watched too many Dateline and 20/20 stories about this.)
I never made it to my due date with any of my children. D was 11 days early, Ry was 13 days early and Rose was 12 days early- all according to the doctors due date. (Neat little fact.)

If we can make it happen I'd love to buy an RV (like in 18-20 years) and travel. I also think about living in a small village somewhere in Italy or Portugal... I have never researched this, which is the odd part.

I detest horror movies and see no point in them at all.
When Ry was in the NICU I decided that I'd like to do volunteer work at a children's hospital at some point in my life. Maybe I will try to do this when all the kids are in school. 
The woman who I strive to be more like is my Oma. She was hardworking, frugal and I can't remember a time she complained about her life. She also used to curse under her breath, on occasion, in German, which I still find amusing. I barely go a day without remembering her.
Last night I spotted a scorpion crawl across the floor. Not a big deal? Well it was 15 feet away, partially hidden behind a pile of clothes that were stripped from children at bath time and it was the same color as our floor. I leaped from my chair and tracked it down and then had nothing in reach to kill it with. Beard-O grabbed the closest object: D's baseball bat and promptly executed it. May this be a lesson to all scorpions that plan to invade our house- I will see you and then end you.  

I'll continue the trend and send the award to some other very deserving bloggers.

Grace @ Camp Patton
Kelly Jo @ The Dr. and The Mrs.
Jen @ Runner Mom
ML @ My 3 Little Birds
Nina @ The Adventures of ArtsyNina (I've been blog stalking... awkward...)

Go forth and visit those blogs. I'll be back later to talk apple pie.


  1. Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks for the mention :)
    I like your "made-up" name. I also hate horror movies, they scare the crap out of me. And I've never seen a scorpion before, thank goodness!

  2. Ha! You've been caught stalking! Thanks for the shout out ;)

    So cute about your name. And love the bit about your Oma. I think of my Gram every day, too. Except she was swearing under her breath in Greek :)