Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It started out great until my facepalm moment

1. Furry Mammals 
Yesterday D and I went to feed the chickens and something small darted across our path and hid under an old bathtub (we use it for compost and such). Upon first peripheral vision glance (while it was darting) I thought it was a toad, but then my brain and eyes caught up with each other and added fur. I was kind of freaked out about seeing a furry toad until I figured out a way to position myself for a quick peek while simultaneously positioning myself for a quick escape... in case it was vicious. I was glad I had thought to bring my camera (as well as D- he was acting as my fearless bodyguard) so I could snap this picture
Not a fur covered toad after all. It's a baby bunny rabbit. Later D was telling me that he'd like to have a pet bunny (this is NOT an acceptable birthday gift!) because they are cute. Oh honey-child, what I couldn't tell you is that "pet" bunnies usually end up on your dinner plate. I can't cook that so it ain't a-happnin.

Our second mammal was a mouse. A mouse that had been extremely careful and had managed to eat/lick the peanut butter I smeared on the mouse traps without setting any of them off. I was a tiny bit irritated with said mouse since I keep discovering evidence and have actually seen the perpetrator run across the floor (Mama is not happy when these things happen). Well... the mouse got thirsty, or maybe he wanted to go for a swim. I don't know. Beard-O went in the bathroom this morning and I hear, "Oh! That is GROSS." I'm thinking that a kiddo forgot to flush, but he tells me to come see what he's talking about. (Have you figured this out, yet?) There was a mouse. Swimming!! in the toilet. Ugh. Now I have to worry about that in the middle of the night when I'm doing my "check the children and pee since I'm up anyhow" routine. yea!!!

2. When I started this post I had multiple things to address and now I can't remember them.

3. I really want to bore you with the amount of clothing that should be put away, the baking I want to do but don't want to clean up after, how the frito pie yesterday was a bad decision, that I may or may not be designing a 49 square foot kitchen, how it's becoming increasingly hard to be motivated in my housekeeping duties, I want some retail therapy, want my hair to look nice, am looking forward to this cold front tomorrow, am disappointed in my chickens laying 5 eggs instead of at least a dozen thus making me even more upset about the price hike in feed. Venting and facepalming is apparently my specialty today.
 4. I'd like to publicly thank Beard-O for everything he does and for being so kind to me. I have been in a funk over the last couple of days that I have no explanation for. I just feel bleh/meh. You never complain about my lack of putting clothes in proper places and that I continue to allow the dryer to become a closet, that we had an impromptu pizza dinner (cause that's what I felt like) at 8pm last night due to my poor planning and time management, that you have taken the kids outside so I can have 20 minutes of clear thinking while I'm cooking, thanks for taking charge of bath time with the kids.... I don't know why I get impatient but you are awesome for letting them splash you and listening to the ever present shrieking about water getting near their faces. You are more fun than me, tell better stories and seem to enjoy them using you as a human jungle gym. I feed them so they love me for that, though. I really appreciate you.

5. Picture of an adorable child to make up for all the nonsense of #3:

I'm done here. I'm going to bake something to see if I can find some motivation in sugar, butter and flour. It's there somewhere, right? Oh, it's also my brother's birthday today so baking cookies can double as a gift. Winning. (sort of)

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  1. #4 feels like me too....maybe its the pregnancy hormones, maybe its something in the water or the blogosphere but the days are getting harder to get through and laundry and dishes and dinner making and bathing offspring and esp. doing so with a smile on my face has become nearly impossible. I get the wanting to go on a shopping trip without the buyers remorse, the desire for pretty hair (anything really) but thank you for reminding me to appreciate the people I have in my life who come to my aid and make what seems to hard bearable... glad you have someone too and are kind enough to remind them how awesome they are, I will have to get better about that myself!