Wednesday, February 1, 2012

what I do all day (part 1)

[5am] Alarm wakes me up I quickly silence it, radio also comes on (our morning playlist), T gets up and gets ready for work

[5:30] I get up, make coffee, scramble eggs, eat and talk

[6:15] T leaves for work, I read some blogs

[6:30] Rose wakes up crying, I go get her and hold her

[6:40] Since I decided last night that I am seriously potty training today I sit Rose on potty and we get our first success of the day and I put her in training pants (not a pull up, basically a thick pair of panties), give her some yogurt

[6:50] Ry wakes up, coughing and stuffy nose. I wrap him up in a blanket and let him watch cartoons, give him allergy med and a throat drop, Rose wants one too so I give her a gummy vitamin

[6:57] T calls and talks to me for a few minutes until I have to hang up due to my voice echoing over the line so bad I can't hear him talk.

[7:05] I have made it this far writing this post, Rose is sitting at the table coloring

[7:07] Ry and Rose argue about who can wash their hands and why, Rose takes this badly and throws a tiny fit about not getting her hands washed. Ry gets some yogurt.

[7:12] D wakes up, gets some yogurt, Rose gets a cheese stick

[7:31] For reasons I can't fully explain I check Facebook. I can't stand Facebook and yet, I can't bring myself to deactivate my account. (T would argue that I'm still on FB because I'm a compulsive eavesdropper and this a way to do just that.... whatever.)

[7:32] Curse the fruit flies. Why are there so many fruit flies in the kitchen!? They are driving me up the flipping wall and I can't figure out how to get rid of them.

[7:48] Slather 6 pieces of 100% whole grain bread with butter, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, declare it a semi-healthy breakfast and pop it in the oven. 

[8:04] Eat some cinnamon toast, choke down the rest of my cold coffee, realize this post is going to be way too long if I keep this up.

[8:10- 10] Put laundry in washer, get everyone dressed, put all the dishes in the sink to be washed, took Rose potty (nothing), swept kitchen floor, printed Little League volunteer form and filled out most of it, ah! first accident, make Rose oatmeal, boys eat rest of toast, I'm feeling really hungry, too so I eat some chex. I want to postpone potty training day- we have another accident, but we also had a success! We can do this. Text with m-i-l, check electric bill- rejoice that it's not a million dollars, start planning grocery trip.

[10-12pm] played restaurant with the kids, did a "good enough" clean in Rose's terribly messy room, two more potty success trips! Hand out snacks (goldfish), peeled 2 bananas, let kids watch Clifford, come type this up and see if Old Navy has any good sale prices, am completely shocked at the price jump from toddler clothes to "big boy" clothes, start making lunch, wash plates for lunch, pour juice into cups, yes, you can have a cheese stick- wait, did you already have one? Too late. Feed dogs, decide on fish for supper.

[12-2:15pm] lunch, washed remaining dishes, switch clothes to dryer, potty success, potty fail, help boys clean up their room and get ready for nap time. Put Rose down for nap, got to talk to T during his lunch, put Ry down for nap, and now I'm posting this because it's getting long!
D and I are off to play catch!


  1. I am right there with you on Facebook. Man your day is so much more productive than mine.... you are a good mom!

  2. Sounds very familiar, but man am I glad my MIL doesn't text ;)