Monday, February 27, 2012

da weekend

Saturday morning I discovered that I may have been a little too hasty (or lazy) with laundry on Friday evening. Usually I'm good about checking pockets for pens and the occasional $0.62, but unfortunately I missed the black ink pen this round. And it was load of light colored clothes. Our khaki pants and nice shirts weren't in that load, thank goodness! There are a lot of polka dotted undies, socks and white tees now.

We had our first t-ball practice Saturday afternoon. It went smoothly, T got all the assistant coaches he needed and a team mom (not me). For the first practice I assumed it'd be chaotic, but after everyone arrived and we made some introductions the coaches took the kids off in small groups and taught them base running, batting technique and fielding. From a parent's point of view it looked really organized! I met some other moms and Ry got to make a new friend his age and played catch with him. (He wanted so badly to go play on the field with D.) I think we're going to have a really good time with this.

Let's see... Saturday afternoon went really fast with the practice. Rose was out exploring the world with my mom and aunt and so we stopped by my Opa's house to visit with him. We didn't get home until around 6:30 and ate supper and I started reading The Hunger Games. (I had been reading it two pages at a time... not really able to fully get into it, but once I could read longer I had trouble putting it down.)

Sunday we went to church. We took Rose to the nursery and Ry decided he was at home there and we figured Rose would be okay with him staying with her. After about ten minutes (not sure if it was even that long) our little pager went off. I went off to rescue Rose and again stayed the rest of the service, although, this time I got to hear most of the sermon while in there. When we left Rose said goodbye to the other little girl and even gave the teacher a side hug. Progress?

We came home and T had some things he had to get done and I grabbed my book and read all day. I carried it around with me reading because I literally could not put it down! I finished it around 7pm (it's really good!)  and then took a short break and started reading the next book, Catching Fire, when I crawled into bed.

The house is in pretty sad shape this morning. Rose woke up at 5:15, Ry at 5:35 and D was up by 6. It's going to be a long day, but I'm going to take advantage of it and get things straightened up. How was your weekend? Do you keep up with all the housework on the weekends? I was, but I've been slipping lately. Have a good Monday!

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