Thursday, February 9, 2012

at least it smelled good (body wash sniff test: fail)

This morning I went to the grocery store. I know, it's all very exciting. I really thought I had things together and was patting myself on the back. Grocery list, check. Money, check. Mail for the post office, check. Matching shoes & hair brushed, check. Ha. Ha. That's when I reached for my phone and remembered I left it charging. For some reason it's only holding it's charge for like six hours (if even that) at a time. It wasn't so bad as I was with my mom and she volunteered to watch the children while I went to the store alone (!!!! happy dance !!!!). My mom made me take her ancient phone and when I finally figured out how to text T to tell him I didn't have mine I wanted to go all Office Space on it. (Please, someone know what I mean by that.) I sure hope she gets a new one soon. I also hope I never forget mine again.

So I grocery shopped without my entourage, peacefully picking out the best apples and joyfully placing chips into the cart without having anyone trying to crush them into crumbs. It was nice. I even got the kids those fruit snack things they like so much and out of season strawberries. I managed to get everything on my list without having to backtrack through the store. I am so very thankful that I am able to leave the kids at grandma's occasionally and do that. I am glad she suggests it, too. Otherwise I would feel guilty asking her.

Okay, there is a funny little story for you. This is what happens when you feel like you can stop and smell the body wash because you don't have a ticking time bomb on your hands comprised of antsy children. I needed some body wash and of course flipped the top open to smell them. (Never would have slowed down long enough to do that with the kids.) The first and second choices I passed and I reached for one I've used before and wanted to make sure I remembered how it smelled. You guys, before I knew what had happened I inadvertently snorted body wash up my nose. Not a little dab, either. I didn't even squeeze the bottle! I threw it in the basket and hurried out of the aisle I was unfortunately sharing with several other customers. If they noticed then I hope they had a good laugh and learned a lesson at the same time. I spent the next ten minutes wiping body wash off of my nose and sniffing... I probably looked like an addict of some sort while I was selecting which bottle of generic zyrtec to buy. Mmm hmm. Just be careful when your snorting sniffing the body wash next time. Smell it from a safe distance or just take a gamble that you'll like it and don't sniff at all. I certainly learned my lesson.

I am home at last and need to get with the afternoon Oreo ritual. Oops, I mean laundry and supper planning. See y'all tomorrow!

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  1. HAHAHA! I hate it when that happens (yes, I've been the victim of an angry bottle of body wash too). I'm sure the grocery store cameras got a good laugh :o)