Thursday, February 16, 2012

They probably just miss sunshine

 Normally after a morning like I just endured I would avoid blogging, but this is supposed to be some kind of sanity saver for me so excuse me while I vent or not. I'm really not sure where this is going today.

The boys woke up around 6:30 this morning and for some reason (although I have my speculations) they were quite quarrelsome. They were also incredibly rude and defiant with me. There were a lot of bad tempers (theirs) and short tempers (mine) and it led to some crying (both parties). They lost some cherished toys for an undetermined amount of time while I consulted the leftover cupcakes for parenting advice. (The cupcakes were sweet, but offered no real help.) By noon I was dangling precariously from my extremely frayed nerves and my patience was registering on the empty side. Fortunately I caught sight of the clock in time to gather my nerve endings and give myself the "it's almost the blessed event of nap time" pep talk. One harsh demand of a grilled cheese sandwich almost completely unraveled me, but I collected myself once more and marched onward. Nap time unfolded itself in the beauty of a white flag of surrender (I think; I haven't checked on any children to make sure they are actually sleeping). (In fact, I know one of them is NOT because he just came out of his room with multiple excuses for not being able to sleep. No, sir. Nap is a requirement today.)

In other news, T has been dubbed Head Coach for D's t-ball team. The email that I found yesterday with this unexpected announcement congratulated him and said he was "a blessing to be volunteering". (He was volunteering for assistant coach, but apparently they really need him since they had so many kids sign up.) He has to attend the "draft" tonight where all the coaches get together and pick the players for their team. Serious stuff.

I'm going to go knit my nerves back together and hope they are strong enough to last the long evening ahead of me. (at least I have my good humor intact, right? lucky.)

p.s. I think it may be a lack of vitamin D in their systems... we've had quite a bit of cloudy weather lately. Yes, I think I'll definitely blame the weather.

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  1. Good luck times a million! We had one of those days last week and somehow made it through. I know that when my kids are cranky and not their usual compliant selves (a girl can dream) it's usually a combination of several things, usually the culprits are not enough exercise, sleep or quality time with a parent. You can add too much crap food and TV in there too.

    So like I said, good luck. I hope your afternoon goes better.