Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i really splurged this valentine's day

Okay, so it's Valentine's Day and we are sort of celebrating. T gave me a card this morning which was very sweet.... I avoided the card aisle this year so after he left for work I racked by brain to come up with something remotely cute. I scrounged around and got all 4th grade and made a magazine word collage card. It's about as crafty as I get. I had to use scissors AND glue. I even made the kids little cards I was feeling so creative. Then I googled Martha Stewart cupcake recipes. (What exactly was in my coffee this morning?) I'll be making the kids individual heart shaped pizzas for supper and shrimp linguine for T and I. (I've never made linguine before.)

Other things I'm doing today would be trying to figure out if we should upgrade our phones to smart phones. It's one of my most dreaded things to do. It's all so confusing and frustrating. I could potentially use my phone to connect my laptop to the internet and eliminate the monthly broadband card... but how do I know how much data to get? Will it be cost effective? I know I freak out way to easily about these things. Anyone have any advice?

I'm also muttering some not very nice things under my breath every ten minutes because so far no one thinks nap time is sacred right now except for me. Children, don't you want your mother to bake you cupcakes and then be able to shower?

On that note, I've got to be going. It is much later than I thought it was. Yikes. Have a splendid rest of the day!

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