Tuesday, January 31, 2012

that time my brother was on the Ellen show

Okay, okay, so technically he wasn't on the show, but! If you watch (which, actually, I don't) then you may have seen yesterday's episode with a phone call from Gladys. Well, Gladys is chatting with Ellen about all sorts of fun stuff and then brings up how people can be so kind and do good things for others.... much like her neighbor, who happens to also be her mailman, which would be my brother.

Anyhow, I'm sharing the video with you all because I can and it's fun. Also, because it's kind of exciting to hear your brother being talked about (in a good way) on national television. Even if it's only a few seconds at the end of a funny phone call.

Get this, I knew nothing of it until my mother in law called saying (barely after I could finsish saying hello), "Gladys called Ellen!" I'm thinking, okay, well that's neat because I actually know who you're talking about...  "She mentioned your brother and said how he was helping fight the wildfire." Needless to say, I was on Ellen's site in a flash watching her talk to my brother's neighbor, Gladys. (Btw, thanks for telling me, apparently my brother had already found out from Gladys and told my mom to watch it....... no one tells me anything.)

making a fire break to save "all the critters"
my bro and CLB
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 I guess I'm just a proud sister.


  1. AHHH! I LOVE Gladys! She is hilarious!
    That is so awesome that she mentioned your brother! "He knows everything about everybody but he won't give it up" - what a hoot!

  2. ummmmm. I am super impressed. Gladys is amazing. And it sounds like your brother is too. Way to be pretty much famous.