Monday, February 13, 2012

our weekend

Saturday started bright and early with T-ball tryouts. It was actually mid morning (10am) and bright, but windy and cold. (D is in the blue jacket right at the front.) He was so shy during the tryouts! Some of the kids were trying out for their second season and new the drills already. It always takes D a little bit of time around new people or a new situation to warm up and be himself. This time it took a little longer as there were a ton of kids running around and adults speaking to him that he didn't know. I can imagine he felt a little overwhelmed.  Anyhow, apparently he saved all his skills for the final drill- throwing. I didn't get to see it because I was watching Ry and Rose run around since they were a bit restless in the bleachers. T said D stood at the pitchers mound with his hand in his pocket (glove on the other) and walked oh so casullly over to field the ball and then turned, stepped and rocketted the ball to the coach at first base. Apparently everyone did one of those collective, "Woa!" He had the best throw. We are proud.

After that we picked up some baseball stuff so we could play at home as a family. D had a lot of fun during tryouts and was all smiles (especially when T was bragging on him). T and I talked about sports and our kids and we are firm on the stance that this is all for fun and making friends. They never have to play if they decide it's not something they want to do.

Sunday we went to church and got there early. Rose will be visiting the nursery next week. I really enjoyed what I got to see and hear before I took Rose out of the sanctuary. I wasn't alone in "my child is being too loud and squirmy" situation as there was a mom with a 3 year old little girl in the cry room with us and her daughter would not stop talking. (She was amusing, too.) After church we got the kids happy meals (I couldn't believe us either) and went home to relax.

We had a really nice weekend and I managed to only wash one load of laundry and do the bare minimum of cleaning. Despite my lack of real effort over the weekend it looks like it will be a fairly easy going day. I hope I don't have to eat my words in a few minutes when we all get going at full speed. How was your weekend?

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