Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Choosing the "or not" option

What you see in that picture are free range, natural chickens. They are never penned up, fenced in or fed anything other than the natural grasses and bugs that they forage for themselves. They don't lay eggs anymore and I'm happy to just watch them run around. They are "retired". So am I. At least from chicken keeping. That's right, we're not getting any chicks this year. I'm done for now. Maybe forever, I don't know, but I know I stopped enjoying it and we (T and I) have always had an agreement that if we stopped enjoying something out here then we'd let that go. Why do something that doesn't bring you happiness if you have a choice about it? We don't always have that choice in life about many things so if I can choose between 'chickens or not' then I'm choosing 'not'. I can focus that energy into other things. Things that are much more important to me right now. And I can always buy fresh eggs from the farmers market or get them from my family (if they decide to keep up the chicken thing).

I suppose that's all for now. There's really not much happening as far as farming goes. I did jump the gun and plant some green bean seeds yesterday. (I have to beat the grasshoppers.) At least I'll have some garden stuff to talk about soon!

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  1. This is very wise. I need to let some things go and this is the perfect "excuse". Yes, it is lame that I have to have an excuse but that's the way it is!