Friday, February 3, 2012

ten happy things friday

Making blueberry muffins with D at 6:30am because he woke up early and hungry. Plus, he remembered that "blueberries make you smart!"

Ice cream.

Going on a walk yesterday.

 Homemade "chimichangas" for lunch. (I made up this simple version a few days ago: spoon taco meat into flour tortilla, roll, place seam side down in hot oil, fry both sides until golden and crisp, pour queso over. Eat. Be happy.)

Our Brita water pitcher. Otherwise I'd never drink water. Ever. Unless it was SmartWater because that stuff is amazing. (also, I must have three drops of lemon juice per 10oz.)

After a very hard day with the potty trainee yesterday (I'm talking outrageous temper tantrums for even walking into the bathroom and stiff legs so as not to be able to sit on the toilet), this morning she has gone three times: twice she told me and once with me asking.

Possibly going to the store tomorrow and maybe finding a new pair of dressy shoes that hopefully will be under my strict budget and miraculously fit my flippers.

Chilling out, relaxing and watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. I really don't care for either team, but I dislike the Patriots more than the Giants.

Towels that are still warm from the dryer.

It's Friday!!

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