Monday, February 20, 2012

our weekend

Saturday we picked up t-ball equipment and then I took the kids to my mom's so they could play with their cousin (her mama was at a teacher's conference). We ended up staying all afternoon and eating dinner there (we had planned that already). Sunday we went to church. I went ahead and took Rose to the nursery and ended up staying the entire service back there with her. She would not let me out of her sight. She sat down to color and I moved about ten feet away to watch/listen to the sermon on the TV and she completely lost it. So I've got a clingy, quiet toddler in the nursery and a fidgety, loud, don't-touch-me toddler in the church. Afterwards we came home and the kids napped while T and I measured, figured and discussed house plans. (I've been very quiet on our house situation, but plan on sharing some details soon.) T and the kids played baseball and jumped on the trampoline while I got the house to myself and made pizza in the evening. It's nice cooking in the quiet. Then we ate, put the kids in bed and spent a hour of our lives watching bad TV. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That was our weekend. I've got to get busy around this place since I casually avoided all sorts of housework this weekend. Have a happy Monday!


  1. This is the best kind of weekend, well except for the church part but hey, gotta do what you gotta do!

  2. glad you had such a good weekend! wish our church cry room had a tv in it with the sermon blasting!