Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what's going on

Yesterday was long. Rose woke up at 5:30 and the boys were up by 6:30. They are usually up before 7, but yesterday they were getting cranky and more stubborn as the morning went on. This led to an earlier nap time that only Rose took part of. I have to give the boys credit for remaining in their napping spots and being fairly quiet. We spent a good amount of the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately by the end of the day I was a bit cranky, too. But, thankfully, I woke up in a normal mood today and am ready to conquer the world. Or just this pile of laundry, whatever.

Last night T selected the players for his t-ball team. Hopefully we'll have some parents that can and will volunteer to be assistant coaches. We also really need a Team Mom.

I decided to give up sweets for Lent. I am also going to limit my coffee intake to a mere one cup per day. If you hear some type of muffled screams later it's just me breaking up with my beloved golden oreos for a while.

I literally have several large boxes of clothing to take to Goodwill or some other place just sitting in our den waiting to be taken away. We'll get that done at some point.

I've started shutting down the kitchen after 10am. I don't really mind the kids eating frequent small snacks/meals since I am also a "grazer". However, it seemed they were in a bad habit of refusing to eat dinner so I had to enforce a strict snacking schedule. So far we've only had one meal refused (by one child who wasn't feeling well.) Basically they graze away until 10am and then eat lunch at noon, take a nap (or not- seems to be the new trend), have a small snack around 3:30 and then dinner at 6:15.

Yesterday a certain little lady got candy for going potty and after seeing the candy package this morning has gone twice for the reward of a single gummy lifesaver/per session. (Sometimes bribery is wonderful.) I decided to follow her lead on potty training for now, although I do ask and encourage going on the potty very frequently.

And I think that is all for now. Not exactly earth shattering, but it's what's going on around here.

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