Monday, February 6, 2012

the weekend

All around we had a good weekend. Saturday we took the car in for inspection and then thanks to the Payless BOGO sale we got new shoes. T and I rarely buy new shoes but we each desperately needed a pair of brown shoes and luckily found them in our hard to find sizes. The kids were sporting very worn sneakers so they got new ones. The checkout was miserable because we hate spending money, but I reasoned it out with the cost for all us of with the BOGO sale was equivalent to buying one pair of shoes from a department store. Or a pair of Nike's on sale. T and I literally wear our shoes until they absolutely fall apart. I mean soles flapping around while we walk, do you think you can super glue my shoes together, falling apart. It was a good investment.

After that we hung out at home and then that evening went to a going away/congratulations party for T's cousin. That was interesting and we got to talk with one of T's cousins we haven't seen a while.

Sunday we went to church. We were a few minutes late (my fault) and Rose decided she would display some major timeout type of behavior. I took her to the cry room, which wasn't what I expected it to be so I ended up walking around with her outside in the cold for a while. She was being a typical two year old, screeching if I tried to assist her with anything, back arching while holding her, trying to rip my earrings out, beating me up while I gave her "looks" and then stopped making eye contact because it only encouraged her. Normal? T didn't exactly have it any easier as I learned that Ry started squirming excessively and would not simply sit up like a normal human being. D, of course, was an angel, which made his sibling's behavior seem even worse. I was not as prepared as I was last week and in an effort to avoid this I am already packing an activity bag for next Sunday like I saw all the other smarter parents had done. Then we had to stop by the store for sugar, earache drops and hair product afterwards which was a lot of fun. I ran in and stood in line for 10 minutes with five items while a creepy guy kept staring at me. Awkward.

We came home and ate lunch and I threw wings in the crockpot, had chips and salsa, root-beer floats, and pizza. There was a lot of food to be eaten. We watched the super bowl and cheered for the Giants. Impressive there at the end. I may have been jumping up and down and shouting during the last 3 minutes. The commercials were funny, too and I didn't care for Madonna. T said she needed to just stand there and "sing" because she was surely going to break a hip while she was walking around on the bleachers and trying to do assisted flips.

That's about it. Now I have to tackle the dishes that I didn't notice last night (did they multiply while we were sleeping?) and stand in the sun for a while. I haven't seen the sun in days due to this rainy, cold weather that I am certainly not accustomed to. I hope everyone else had a good weekend!


  1. It's been a long time since I've had a rootbeer float. That needs to change...

  2. Hi there. Just saw you are following my blog. Did we meet at the motherhood retreat this weekend? If so, nice to meet you. If not, then nice to meet you:)

  3. I cant even remember the last time I got shoes... wish I was more in the know and had hit up payless for the sale too.... though I am soooo anti long line I def. would have bailed and then kicked myself... or the creepy man who insisted on starring at you. gross.