Thursday, February 2, 2012

what I do all day (part 2)

I believe I left off at nap time. I didn't write anything down yesterday afternoon so I am writing this from memory and it probably won't be as detailed as yesterday morning.

[2:15-3:00] I have to put Ry back in bed 3 times and finally I'm fairly confident that he is actually going to sleep. D and I go outside to practice catching (he is signed up for t-ball) and play in the front yard for about 10 minutes before he gets distracted and want to show me where he planted an acorn in the back yard. We walk around to the back yard and Ry (who is supposed to be napping) pops up from laying down in the swing. I get a little ticked off, but simply pick him up and take him back inside and stay with him until his eyes are very droopy and I'm so sure he'll be asleep in five minutes. I leave his room tell D he can watch Arthur and I clean the kitchen (again).

[3-4] I get the kitchen clean, search coupon websites and print some out, change our car insurance policy online and print new cards. Open the freezer to discover I don't have any tilapia and will have to come up with a different plan for supper. Oh joy. Sweep dining and living room. Ry comes out of his room and joins D because he "can't fall asleep". Rose wakes up, take her potty. Turn TV off, kids complain and then go play with their Thomas trains. I pick up all the dirty clothes in their rooms and put them in the laundry for tomorrow.

[4-5:30] take Rose potty and get nothing, remind the boys not to leave their toys all over the dining room floor or I will step on them, hand out some more snacks, fill up sippys, fix Rose's doll stroller for her, watch the boys play and guess which animal they are being, T calls and says he is on the way home, our plans for going to grocery store and park change to Thursday night, I start supper and find some painters tape to make a hopscotch game on the floor.

[5:30-6:45] pasta is boiling, put frozen green beans in oven to "roast" (I didn't like this method), clear off table and chug some water, take Rose potty and she flips out and tells me to go potty, fine with me so we trade places and she tells me I did a good job and hands me ONE square of t.p. (she is so generous). Oh, man I have to get the pasta out and look, Daddy's home! I dish up our suppers and almost get the hopscotch squares done, but it's hard to accomplish when the kids are already hopping on my hands, try to take Rose potty but she insists she doesn't need to go. Sit down to eat, break up arguments, tell T about our day.

[6:45-7:40] play hopscotch, play "ball in the boot" where you try to bounce a ball across the room and have it land in a boot, send pouting child to sulk in their room for a while, pouty child is back and somewhat happy, (I win our game- 2-0), I wash the supper dishes, Rose still hasn't gone potty even with us taking her.

[7:40-8] announce it's time to get ready for bed, lots of whining and complaining, Rose pees, in the dining room and is not happy about it. Dang it. I clean it up while T gives her a quick bath, get the kids in pjs, find their cups and give them water, kiss them good night, cover them up again, put Rose in bed, kiss, lights off, goodnight! Collapse on couch to watch Wednesday night TV (really the only time we watch TV during the week.)

[8-9] watch TV, laugh, eat. (Every night except Wednesday this chunk of time is my time to read blogs and do whatever without anyone interrupting me while T works out... we have ourselves a nice little system.)

That's it. (Obviously we take showers and go to bed, but I thought you could figure that one out.) Every day is different, but I can always count on cooking, cleaning and lots of coffee. What are your days like?

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  1. Haha, yes, cooking, cleaning, and lots of coffee...exactly!!
    I love all of the activities you do with your kids! Good job, mama :)