Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What my Day looks like pt 1

*This may make no sense at all. With all the interruptions and actually trying to think about how the day goes in order... it may not be completely accurate.*
5:20am- dismiss first alarm
5:45am-dismiss second alarm and announce the time
6am-let alarm sound longer than one chime, announce time, start the struggle of actually waking up.
6:05-10- stagger around in the kitchen while making coffee and breakfast
6:15-20- eat breakfast with T
6:30- T leaves for work and I either sit with a child that is awake too early or here at the computer with the quiet morning and Don Pedro.
6:45- Baby Girl wakes up and I give her a cup of milk. She looks at me like I'm crazy and depending on her mood either throws the cup as far away as she can or simply says No, I do'wannit. I sigh. 
7am- Remember to throw "first priority" laundry in the wash. (The boys are usually awake by now and demanding a drink or yogurt)
7:15 Am irritated with yogurt package being so hard to open. (Feel simultaneously glad and sad I'm not strapping them in high chairs and mixing rice cereal and bananas together because they can feed themselves)
7:30- Sit down and see if I can write something and hit publish before I'm interrupted again.
7:45 Am interrupted every 3 minutes so my blog ends up being totally random or just pictures
8- Remember the washing machine stopped and I have time for another load before my self imposed cut off time at 10am. Open cheese sticks for 3 kids, pour milk or juice into cups, tell them they can not have more yogurt because it messes with your digestive system and I don't want to deal with any side effects of that.
8:30 Have to use my frighteningly scary voice that is super calm and low. Tell the boys to play nice. Pick up Rose and hold her. OR, preferably,watching them play nicely and listen to them tell me jokes.
9- Tell the kids they must eat a banana in order to eat anything else today. No, you can't have another cheese stick... want some scrambled eggs?
9:15- make breakfast #2
9:45 Notice all the kids are playing together. Sneak up on them and witness boys sharing they beloved cars with Rose and give her hugs when she gets upset.
10- Get the kids dressed and No, we aren't going anywhere but you should get dressed in case anyone stops by. Or there's an emergency...I'd rather you not still be in PJs at noon it makes me look lazy.
At this time if the Rose is acting cranky she gets to take a nap. (Morning naps are almost gone for this girl... I cherish them while I can)
10:30 Make sure sheep and dogs have water, try to avoid looking at the brown "grass" outside and also the clear blue sky. Wonder if it will ever rain again and feel slightly depressed.
11- Sweep kitchen, dining, living room. Decide on PB&J sandwiches for lunch. Put applesauce in freezer because they really enjoyed that yesterday.
12PM- Break up the boys and tell them to stay away from each other if they can't be happy playing together. Break out tickle monster to make them smile and forget what they are fighting about. Is Rose awake? Make her lunch, make me lunch, give the boys a graham cracker and tell them nap time is soon. listen to them whine about nap time.

12:30- Again, notice how awesome the kids are playing together. Am thankful they get along more often than not.
1- nap time monster grabs 3 year old and puts him in bed. Listens to him yelling through the door. Tells him to take his hand off the door or he will be in trouble.
4 yr old says he is not taking a nap and will help me feed the chickens. I pick my battles. He rarely takes a nap anymore so I let him stay up but he must be quiet and lay on the couch for ten minutes.
1:30- Start folding clothes. Get distracted while walking through house and find something else that needs to be done.

More tomorrow. I'm busy opening yogurt and about to fix another breakfast.

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