Thursday, July 28, 2011

I really should file this in drafts

I want to give you some fair warning that the blog may be a bit on the skimpy side next week. Blame my goddaughters. They are coming to stay all week while their parentals go on a much needed vacation. (Maybe this blog is also going on vacation?) Anyhow, unless I really do wake up at 5am next week I'm probably going to be swamped with opening extra cheese sticks, peeling an extra banana or two and praying that everyone is exhausted and naps all together around 1pm.

I may also being making extra coffee... it's an addiction, I know. Over the weekend I jokingly said that me drinking coffee is like some people smoking... it calms me. Everyone looked at me with a serious expression and agreed... "yes, it's called having an addiction." Ooohhh... perhaps that's why I have started needing it around 2 in the afternoon. I think about coffee a lot. I recently discovered the cheapest coffee ever. I bought it thinking since it was so cheap that if it was terrible it wouldn't be such a punch in the gut to throw it out. Then I opened it and it smelled heavenly... like chocolate.  A chocolate coffee heaven, yes. Anyhow, Folgers is twice as much for the same amount and I rather like having coffee with Don Pedro every morning. He's rich, smooth and aromatic. I always have liked a good smelling man. (I will never live this down once T reads this. Not only will there be my Top 5 celebrities I named after having a few too many... there's also Sancho. And now Don Pedro!) A particular man I know smells like Old Spice and sometimes Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. Oh. My. 
Can be habit forming.
Uh.. anyhow. The blog might be pretty random and or non existent next week. I might write about other things I like or seem to be addicted to. Wait, nothing tops my coffee addiction. Unless you count my obsession with a certain actor/director. Also, let's please not forget all things Lonesome Dove. Perhaps another time. I seem to be getting carried away.

P.S. If anyone works for any of the brands listed and wants to sponsor any of my addictions or this blog... email me. (it's under the contact tab)

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