Thursday, August 18, 2011

What my Day looks like pt2

Alright, I know this is boring but I have to finish it.
2pm- Check the chickens. This takes longer than you'd imagine. I have to feed, fill water containers, collect eggs (while fighting hens out of their nesting boxes). We have around 25 chickens. I also make sure there is water for the horses, cows and sheep.
2:30- Down a glass of iced tea. Think about just collapsing on the couch...
2:40- Finish cleaning up kitchen or start that task. Decide what to make for dinner
3- Rose wakes from nap. I dole out snacks and juice to all people awake, myself included.
3:30- Ry is usually awake by now (if he took a nap) and I'm sweeping up, throwing shoes in a basket and stepping on toys.
4- Back to trying to make sense of the piles of laundry. Eventually the end up in the appropriate rooms.
4:30- Start getting things set up for dinner while holding child #3, tell boys they have to stop asking for snacks because we're about to eat dinner. Walk around the house looking for a really important toy
5- The house erupts into mad chaos. I am trying to cook dinner. Kids and toys are flying through the house at high speeds. Baby is clinging to my legs and trying to get between me and the stove. Boys keep coming and putting their hands too close to the HOT! STOVE!
5:15- Where is Daddy? Lots of looking out the windows
5:30 Daddy calls. He's on his way. Or he doesn't call and hopefully is still on his way.
5:45-  dinner is ready or within 15 minutes of being done. Daddy is hopefully home or close to being home. Mama walks through house telling children how much she likes their toys and wants to keep them all for herself.
6- Is Daddy home? Thank goodness if he is. If not... Mama is going to put on a favorite movie for the kids and wait or we eat.
6:30- Dinner is over and my sink is full of dirty dishes again. AGAIN. ijustcleanedthatmessup.
6:45- Go outside and jump on the trampoline/play baseball/football/ have children exert lots of energy
7:30- Bath time. This is always fun and loud. waterintheface screams, dontwannagetout screams, stoplookingatme screams....
8-Bed time. Daddy tells story and we all do sound effects.
8:10- oh, the boys need some water. and to be covered up. AGAIN.
8:20- Mama collapses into her chair and finds it incredibly difficult to get up to take a shower and wonders why good personal hygiene is so important. Looks at husband... he'd probably appreciate it if I didn't smell like chicken feed, dish water, apple juice, graham crackers and whatever we ate for dinner. (hey, I appreciate it when he takes a shower I should return the favor)

That is what my day is like. To me it's not that chaotic because it happens every day and I'm used to it. I usually am able to adapt easily to additional tasks (caring for animals) and as long as the kids are happy and fed then the laundry and dishes can wait.

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  1. Ha. Not boring!! Loved the morning schedge- cracked me up.