Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures from our Weekend (take 2)

Well, well... what should I write today? Pictures from my weekend? Because I can write pictures. (Yes, T, I'm aware I wrote 5 posts this weekend and stored them in drafts and this is what I choose. That one you accidentally read I'll never publish... I cannot go making people sad. It wasn't even about the chicken. And according to my blog I'm supposed to write about adventures...with chickens. If that was an adventure with a chicken then we have ourselves a problem. And it also falls into the category of making people sad which I said I'm not going to do.)

 Onward with this post I go.
Here are some award winning photos I took this weekend. Be impressed. Very impressed.

 This is the way we drive to town. The town that has the best grocery store.
I was very careful.
We arrived safely. There is a lot of mud on my mirror... strange, it barely rained enough to make mud. 
I managed one picture out of the 45 minutes I was in the store.
All these choices and I went with my old standby: Folgers Colombian.
I was unsure if I could even take pictures inside and I felt really awkward pulling out a real camera. Just use your phone's camera! : I have not joined the small bandwagon of iPhone users. I hear they are a really nice group of folks though. My camera phone just won't cut it. Alright?

Our friends were out Saturday and we headed over to their place which has been transformed with a couple of bulldozers. I'm sure they won't mind any pictures I put up. (hey guys! I'm gonna put some pics of your place up! Don't worry I won't plaster your faces across the Internet, I'm kind like that.)

My pictures are so awesome. Just kidding. I, unfortunately, had the setting sun blinding me while taking these. Also, apparently I only have these two pictures without certain people in them. Better luck to me next time.

I did get a wonderful picture of T and Rose. His new nickname is Beard-O. I may have jokingly said that he shouldn't shave until we got five inches of rain... So, yeah. I don't know when we'll see his face again. We are three tenths of the way there, though.

The picture couldn't load. Can you believe it?

and... one order of business:
Remember when I said I wanted to do an accent meme? I need two more suggestions for a word or phrase you think I would say funny with an accent. I'm from the Great State of Texas, y'all. Think accordingly. I've already been faced with having to say "A while ago". (Saying it isn't the hard part. It's remembering how to write it.) You'll probably get a real kick out of it. So leave me comment with some suggestions.

Check ya later!

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  1. You could say "yonder" that's an awesome word