Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anybody Out There?

Alright, I know this blog is super popular and I write riveting stories that make you laugh (at me), cry (of boredom) and have deep thoughts (of not clicking over here again to read about laundry). I know at least ten people clicked over here this week. I have this cool feature behind the scenes here at Mama's Gone Country called "stats" that lets me know how many people came over, from which country (Germany, Russia, India, Australia...) and which posts they read. I can also find out what website or search sent you here. I'm like my own private detective. I just don't know who you are. Are you creeped out yet? Anyhow, I like looking over my stats (one day I got 54 views for writing about yogurt) and I enjoy seeing that two people came by and at least looked at something I wrote before they ran screaming from the computer.

Truth is... I'd like a comment from someone. I do write this for my own sanity, but doesn't anyone want to say something? You could just say  
  • Hi, I like/don't like your blog. 
  • I'm reading everyday/never again. 
  • I love seeing the pictures/couldn't care less about your obsession with your children being cute.  
  • I like coffee too/hate coffee. 
  • Can you post more gardening things/please never post about gardening... you don't know what you're doing.  
Basically, I'm fishing for some human interaction/conversation with someone taller than my 4 year old. I know it's virtual... but I'm fine with that. I prefer text messages to phone calls anyway.

We could be real virtual friends! Don't you find that exciting?
This now concludes my "personal ad" for people to act like they care about what goes on here. That and I have to go fix my adorable children breakfast, wash some laundry and try to make it though the day with only two cups of coffee.

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