Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Family Pictures

We had our pictures taken in July and I'm finally going to share a few with you. These pictures were taken by the very talented Jason. We met over at my family's place... taking pictures at 4 in the afternoon in July. With three small children. My plans to bring ice cold water and some snacks was thrown to the wind and luckily my brother and his daughter showed up with a drink that my kids promptly stole from him. But, on with the pictures. These are a few of my favorites. We have a disk with around 200 pictures on it so it's hard to choose!

Rose making friends

Trying to get a pic of Mama with the kids

The whole family 
(and I'm loving the vastness of the background and cows in the far right corner)

Mama hanging out with the boys
That's all for now. Jason is so easy going and fun to work with. His wife came with him and helped him out... they are seriously some of the nicest people you will meet. If you live around central Texas then look him up and get some pictures. (His link is in my sidebar)

P.S. Go visit Grace at Camp Patton. She sews (jealous), writes an awesome blog and is mama to a very pretty little girl (and has another baby on the way!).


  1. oh these are great!!!

    Really great. I can't pick a fave but I love the vastness/cows/walking one too!!

    Thanks for the shout out too!! Super sweet.

    Hope you have a fab weekend planned.

  2. and thanks for saying Julia is pretty...ha ha. poor thing.