Friday, August 26, 2011

Rain and a How To by Rose

It rained yesterday!!!! 
Rain drops!!! on roses
um.. rain gauge was a little dirty and had a dead grasshopper in it... 

only patch of green grass I've seen... due to leaky water hose leading to chicken coop
and now a beautiful child guest posts.... 
How To: make enchiladas of mediocrity while making your mommy's life more exciting. Take note all you children reading this!
First, if you're making the kind with chicken please hand the child the leg so she can scare mommy by shoving it all the way to the back of her throat.
Then, in your nicest screamy voice, demand a tortilla. Now that you've successfully impaired your mother's hearing run to the living room and hide half a tortilla behind the curtains. Your mother loves surprises!!
Make sure you do a taste test for mommy while she is joyously washing up the dishes. She will appreciate your approval on her cheese selection and how you decided to decorate the kitchen floor, a chair and the table with it. And! She won't have any photographic evidence because she's too embarrassed by the amount of dirt and crumbs on the floor.
 When your mother tries to ban you from the kitchen until you are at a more responsible age to help... Raise your eyebrows and slink in your chair while blaming your brothers. This is a crucial step to making your way back into "kitchen circle of trust"
IF blaming your brothers doesn't work... offer to help clean up their mess. This will score you major points. 

Then... you should be right back to this place
These steps can be applied to almost any situation. Just remember to smile during each step... and time your excessive shrieking to just the right moments. You can get almost anything you want because your mommy values her ability to hear. Don't overdo the shrieking, though. It can lead to something we call "selective hearing" which, apparently, isn't limited to men hearing their wives, but also mommies hearing whining and other things they deem annoying.
Have a ball with this! My mommy loves it when I help in the kitchen!!

Have a beautiful Friday,
Rose and Mama


  1. That was honestly the best guest post I've ever read!!!! Oh, I know those shrieks all too well. But their precious smiles keep winning us over, don't they?

    Love it!

  2. Hi Friend! Well, I am following your directions to leave a comment; lets hope it works, because i haven't been able to make it work on my own before.
    Gotta love that "help" in the kitchen!
    By the way, I enjoy reading your daily adventures. Thanks for sharing!