Thursday, August 11, 2011


I should say calves. Babies is probably a little misleading. Yesterday evening T and I went looking for the cows since they hadn't been around the house in a couple of days. We grabbed a bucket of feed and started walking. On the way we wondered what they thought was so good about being in the pastures in the back; the hay is right next to our house... and we were pretty sure there wasn't a hidden field of luscious green grass back there. We spotted them in the pasture behind the barn and they were excited to see us. Especially when they saw the feed. Then we saw this
A pretty baby girl. She is probably just a couple days old and almost walked right up to me. At the last second she turned and ran the opposite direction. She has such pretty, long, white eyelashes. Such a surprising delight.

I just ran outside because I thought it was raining. That's the trickery of screen windows and a light fog. And a cloudy morning. I wouldn't mind if it rained again. Not at all.

Anyway, she's a cute calf and I have three kids crawling on me so I have to go. See you tomorrow!

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