Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's actually easier than it should be

One word: Busy.
2=5. Yes, just believe me. Overall, we're doing well. I'm surviving, if not by God's grace then by Folgers and Don Pedro. I'm thinking about praying the serenity prayer since my 3 kids do not know how to sleep past 6am. At least everyone gets along, is well behaved and is generally in a good mood. If I for some reason didn't believe girls talked more than boys... I do now.
My oldest sat down with the 3 year olds and read them a story. That was so sweet and pretty entertaining, too.
I'm being summoned. See ya later.

(on a completely unrelated note: we're watching Curious George. Why is that monkey left unsupervised all the time? He acts like a 2 year old... what is the Man with the Yellow Hat thinking? "Be a good little monkey." It that all? Really?! And he always get away with whatever it is that he's doing.)

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