Monday, August 8, 2011

Making it Last

This week T and I are celebrating seven years of marriage. Last night we were watching the Marriage Ref and I noticed some difference and a few similarities between me and the wives on the show. I am definitely not the normal wife. I'm no expert on marriage or relationships but here's what I do know:
  1. Don't Nag! It's annoying to your spouse and also anyone else who happens to be near you. I think the response to nagging is automatically shutting the persons voice completely out.
  2. Have respect for your spouse.
  3. Thank your spouse, daily. Examples: thanks for working so hard for us! Thanks for changing that diaper/ waking up early with the kids/ making coffee this morning/ feeding the dog(or cat)/ driving/ filling up the gas tank/.... Showing grattitude for the little things that your spouse does makes them feel noticed and that you truly appreciate them.
  4. Acknowledge your differences! And then, embrace them as much as possible. It's probably one of the qualities you found attractive when you met. 
  5. Show your affection. Hug, hold hands, give them a kiss on the cheek... let them know you still like them!
  6. Know when to let things go. Did the hubster load the dishwasher the "wrong" way? If the dishes are going to get clean... leave it alone and see # 1&3. 
  7. Make compromises. see #4&6.
  8. Be trusting and also trustworthy. 
Happy Anniversary T! I love you more than my coffee.
P.S. Feel free to add your own secrets in the comments!

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  1. I couldn't agree more on all of them but especially #3!!! goes a long way and verbalizing my appreciation makes me realize how much simon does around Herr. Great list and happy anniversary!