Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Might Mention the Weather

It's hot. Dry. Everything is brown and dead. Every once in a while I find some green shoots of grass but they are instantly gobbled up by sheep. I don't like looking outside because it's depressing. And this post is also depressing. The last time it rained was June 22. We received a glorious 1/2 inch. Two weeks ago there was still a bit of green grass in front of our house... no longer.


Those are some cute kids though.

I really feel for the farmers and ranchers that are dealing with this. My brother is having to truck hay in from other states to feed his cattle. That gets expensive.
Just about every church sign we pass has some version of "Pray for Rain" spelled out. The governor set aside a day (I think back in April) to pray for rain. 

Those cracks in the ground were 6-8 inches deep. In the beginning of May. They haven't exactly gotten any better. 
I think I'll recruit the children and go out and do a rain dance. It's worth a shot, right?

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