Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Four very important things

If yesterday was a full length ball gown let's make today a mini skirt. (that makes me laugh because I'm referring to fashion and I am probably the least fashionable person I know)

First things...
To Mr/Ms Anonymous that complimented my writing and dropped some words about making it pay- I would love to! Do you know how this could be arranged or did you just want to send monies directly to me? (I know you selected "anonymous" to comment under but I feel like I know you.)

I need to share a photo with you.
That handsome kid there was trying his best not to smile. 
and just so you know, he was showcasing a bad attitude hardcore yesterday up to
this point so I won because I outlasted that trial/tribulation. 

Last night I took a two hour vacation to the land of groceries where my sister and brother-in-law literally ran into me. (With their shopping basket) They caught me gazing, rather intensely, at the chocolate. I never would have noticed them had they not rammed their shopping cart into mine because I was busy concocting a plan to buy dark chocolate with sea salt (didn't find-disappointed), hiding it from my children when I returned home and sending myself to time-out so I could enjoy it in peace.
(I plan on testing this out later today; wish me lots of luck?)

And fourthly, which is coincidentally lastly,
We found out (through my brother-in-law) that the elusive sheep feed we haven't been able to find on the shelves is actually in the back room at the feed store. And you have to ask a specific employee for it and oddly he knows exactly how many bags he has hidden away. It sounds shady. Perhaps I should do some investigative journalism and T could interrogate. We'd make a great team. 

Have a fantastic middle of the workweek kind of day!
oh, it's not the middle of the workweek yet. oops. hope this helps get you there

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